Sandy beach

Realy unique sandy beach

“The head in the shadow,
the body in the sun,
and the feet in the sea”

Duće and the surroundings of the Pansion Anastazija have one of the very few sand strands of the croatic Adria coast, due to the nearby river Cetina.

The beach itself is partly covered by a 15 metres-wide belt of tamarin trees which provide comfortable shadow which eases accommodation to the intense sun in your first vacation days.

Another belt of fine sand leads to the crystal clear water of the sea. The water temperature is between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius, which is just right for swimming.

The water is very smooth and the first 150meters are so shallow that adults can walk.

This makes the water an ideal place for children to play without any risk or threat by waves or currents nearby the strand.